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How Much Does it Cost to Cash a Check?

Cashing a check is something you’ll have to do very often, but if you don’t have access to a bank when you need it, you’ll want to use other financial services, such as those offered by RiteCheck. At our multiple New York locations, you can instantly cash the checks you have in your hand and walk away with the cash right away.

What Checks are Cashed?

RiteCheck makes it easy for you to instantly access cash on certain checks, including:

How to Access Your PayPal Account Funds?

PayPal accounts have become a preferred way to pay bills or access cash when you need it. However, PayPal doesn’t make it easy to access your money unless you have a PayPal debit card or wait for it to transfer to your bank account. That used to be the case, but when Harlem residents visit their local RiteCheck location, you’ll be able to access your PayPal account in person, giving you another way to access funds or pay bills.

PayPal and RiteCheck

RiteCheck offers MoneyGram services, which allows you to add or withdraw cash from your PayPal account directly at any RiteCheck location. By doing this, you can have instant access to your funds or add payments you need to pay bills. Plus, once you have added or withdrawn your money, you can stay at RiteCheck and use that cash to pay utility bills or take out money orders for other needs.

How to Pay Your NYC Parking Ticket

Harlem and North Bronx drivers don’t go out of their way to park illegally, but it happens. When you walk outside and find a New York parking ticket on your windshield, it can ruin your day. And if you let these parking tickets add up, you can find yourself facing serious fines or even losing your driver’s license. Instead, you need to ensure you are paying these tickets, and thankfully you have multiple ways to pay a NYC parking ticket.

Ways to Pay

New York City requires you to pay your parking tickets within 30 days after receiving them, which doesn’t give you much time. However, the city does give you multiple ways to pay, making it easier for you to get your payment in on time.

Online—For those South Bronx drivers who are savvy with a computer, it’s easy to pay directly online through the NYC website. This way, you can pay when it’s convenient for you.


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