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If you’re a business owner then you know that there are times when your cash flow gets a little tight. You need supplies, you have to pay employees, sub-contractors suppliers, all while waiting for the customer checks that you deposited to clear. Now there is no need to run to make a deposit during banking hours or wait for checks to clear. You can cash those checks at any RiteCheck location on the spot, and leave with your cash, have us make your bank deposit for you or load it onto a prepaid Visa or MasterCard.

RiteCheck cashes checks made payable to any business, corporation, partnership, limited liability company or partnership, association or sole proprietorship, or any other legitimate business entity

  • No more waiting for checks to clear.
  • No more worries about over-extending your credit for needed supplies.
  • No more complaints about not being paid on time.
  • 4 locations open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You’ve done the work and earned the money, now get the cash!

Business Owners Earn 60% More with RiteCheck Rewards

Enroll as a RiteCheck business customer and you will automatically receive a RiteCheck Rewards card. A RiteCheck Rewards key card is not only your key to quicker service, but business customers earn Rewards points even faster. Every transaction you make at RiteCheck gives you points that you can redeem for instant cash or products. As a business customer, you’ll earn 60% more in bonus points for cashing a check made out to your business as opposed to a personal check.

Example: $500 Check X 1.6 points = 800 points earned for cashing the check

Our Guarantee: We Beat the Fee

The fee charged for business checks is negotiable, but usually ranges between 1.95% and 2.5% of the check amount. We guarantee you the best rate, so if you find a lower rate elsewhere, bring us the receipt and we’ll beat it!

According to state law, there is no limit to the dollar amount of the check that we may cash for business customers.

RiteForBusinesssm Prepaid Card & Deposits

Using our new RiteForBusinesssm Prepaid MasterCard® you can manage and track your business spending. Cash your business checks and load the funds directly onto the prepaid card in one transaction. The card features a $25,000 cash load limit, no-fee purchases and, coming soon, cash your checks by phone and instantly put the money on your RiteForBusiness Card!

Learn more about the card

Records & Reports

To help you keep your records in order, RiteCheck create transaction reports of all the items you have cashed with us and provide copies of checks, upon request.

Convenience Services

Don’t forget to ask us about how RiteCheck can also help your business with our convenient money transfer and bill payment services.

Easy Enrollment

Before we can cash checks made out to your business, you will need to complete our business check cashing enrollment kit. Both corporations/partnerships and sole proprietors need to fill out these simple forms to get started. You may complete these forms at any RiteCheck location – or call our RiteForBusiness team at 718-665-0778 ext. 0010. We can help you select the correct form, and complete it in a matter of minutes, so you can start cashing checks and automatically become a part of the RiteCheck rewards program.  The completed forms must bear your corporate seal and the appropriate signatures must be notarized. Many RiteCheck branches offer Notary Public services. Call us at 718-665-0778 for the RiteCheck notary location nearest to you.

How to Cash a Business Check?

Sometimes Bronx and Harlem residents receive a business check, whether payroll or from offering a service to a business. If you have a bank account, chances are you’ll simply deposit the money into that account. However, if you don’t have a bank account, or if you need the check to clear right away, you may need to find an alternate option. Enter RiteCheck

Find a RiteCheck location.

RiteCheck has locations throughout Harlem and the Bronx to ensure all residents have instant access to the check cashing services you need. Simply visit our website to find the location closest to home, work, or wherever you may need us.

Find a list of locations

Bring in the Check.

When you’re ready to cash your business check, bring it, along with your business ownership documents, to the RiteCheck location of your choosing. Our tellers will assist you in opening a RiteCheck Business account. It’s easy and facilitates any of your future check cashing needs. 

Cash your business check

Receive your funds.

At RiteCheck, we know you need access to your money right away, which is why we make it easy to cash business checks. When you choose RiteCheck, you can leave our facility with your cash in hand instead of waiting days for it to clear. In addition, our fee is small, so you can leave quicker with more money.

Spend It.

Whether you opt for cash, send money or to pay a bill, the choice is yours.

Visit RiteCheck Today

RiteCheck has locations throughout New York. When you need to cash a business check, be sure to visit one of our many locations to get access to the cash that’s yours. You can also take advantage of our loyalty program, so be sure to visit us today.  


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