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Payroll Distribution

Are many of your staff members not have a bank account or prefer to be paid in cash? If so, RiteCheck can make it easier to handle your payroll and help you reduce your bank costs.

You maintain the payroll records and handle the payroll taxes, providing pay stubs for your employees, and we will distribute the appropriate cash for their net pay along with their paystubs at any of our convenient locations in Harlem or the Bronx.

You simply supply RiteCheck with a single check or cash payment to cover your entire payroll plus processing fee and we will distribute the cash and paystubs to your employees.

It’s a great way to save the time and money of generating individual paychecks for each employee, and convenient for them to pick up their pay.

Paycheck Cashing Services – RiteCheck ‘House Accounts’

RiteCheck can set up a plan for you which would enable you to provide the cashing of paychecks as a service for your employees. Whether we establish a reduced rate exclusively for your employees, or you provide the cost of the check cashing service, offering this to your staff can be a valuable, yet affordable benefit to use as a recruitment and retention tool.  Your employees cash their checks for free or for a reduced rate, and we invoice your company monthly.

Options Available:

  • Fixed fee – based on average size of typical paycheck
  • Reduced fee – a special rate below the standard 1.95% of face amount
  • Employer Sponsored – employer covers entire cost of cashing check for predetermined fee

Ask us about our effective employee communications tools to help you promote this benefit to your staff in a professional manner.

Direct Deposit

Want to take advantage of the savings achieved by converting your workforce over to direct deposit for your payroll, but too many of your employees do not have bank accounts?

RiteCheck has the solution. We offer direct deposit services via either paper or prepaid card.

Paper Check

We provide you with information (routing and account number) to provide direct deposit to your employees through a check available at any RiteCheck location on payday. There is a nominal fee for processing the check and employee pays standard check cashing fee to convert the check to cash. Your employees receive actual paper checks which they then cash at any RiteCheck location.

Prepaid Cards for Employees

This service uses a Visa or MasterCard prepaid debit card instead of paper check for each employee. Paycheck funds are automatically loaded onto the prepaid card which serves as a virtual bank account for your employee. Choose from our selection of popular nationally branded prepaid cards, which are accepted anywhere Visa and MasterCards are, allowing your employees to have funds available to make purchases – even online, use ATMs and pay bills.

RiteCheck can assist in the enrollment process and make set-up easy. Got questions or need help getting selecting a card? Call the RiteForBusiness team at 718-665-0778 ext. 0010.


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