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We’re here when you need us to be – 4 locations are open 24 hours a day. RiteCheck makes it easy for you to access your hard-earned money and get the cash you need when you need it. We cash most types of checks, and you can also use your ATM card or EBT to get cash at one of our inside ATMs or Point of Banking (POB) terminals at the teller window.

Check Cashing

We cash pretty much all types of ‘consumer’ checks at reasonable rates. Consumer checks are those made payable to a person, such as a paycheck or benefits check.

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Coins to Cash

Turn that jar of coins sitting in a corner into cash at any RiteCheck store. Bring your coins to RiteCheck and convert them into cash quickly.

Visit a RiteCheck store, and just pour your coins into the machine.  It will count the various types of coins and print a voucher which you will turn into one of our tellers for cash. You are charged only a 10% fee for your coin redemption.

what our customers are saying

"The RiteCheck Rewards program makes me feel that they really care about me and my family. One year I used the points to get a great bike for my daughter, and another year I took a cash rebate that really helped me out. It’s nice to be acknowledged for your..."
- Michael S., Bronx


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