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direct deposit makes money management easy

Enrolling for Direct Deposit of any type of regular payment check that you receive is easy at RiteCheck. Having your paycheck or benefit check automatically deposited for you makes your money management and spending tracking easier, plus when you use our prepaid card for Direct Deposit, you will even receive your funds faster than waiting for the mail to be delivered. Two options are available:

Paper Option 

If you prefer to receive a paper check for your paycheck or benefits payment, we can arrange that your funds are automatically and directly deposited at RiteCheck for you, and you can come in to pick up and cash your check. No need to worry about the check being mailed to you. There is a nominal fee for processing the check and a standard check cashing fee to convert the check to cash.

Plastic Option

RiteCheck can arrange to have your paycheck or benefits check automatically and directly deposited to a prepaid debit card for you. Your card acts as a virtual bank account to accept deposits and make funds available for you to use for purchases, ATM withdrawals, bill payment or online shopping. Choose from our selection of popular nationally branded prepaid cards, which can be used anywhere Visa and MasterCard debit cards are accepted.


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