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MoneyGram money transfers

MoneyGram’s money transfer service enables you to send and receive money worldwide. The global network of over 200,000 agents make it convenient for friends and family around the world to receive money. And with great low MoneyGram fees, it’s an even better value for you. You can send or receive a MoneyGram transfer service at any RiteCheck Store, or online. Get a RiteCheck Rewards card and you’ll start earning points with every money transfer you make – one point for every dollar of transaction can really add up!

To Send Money at a RiteCheck Store

  • Complete a Send Form that you will find at a RiteCheck store to tell us where you need to send the money.
  • Take your completed form and the money to the teller. They will give you a Reference Number and a receipt (which includes a PIN code for a complimentary 3-minute phone call with select U.S. transfers1).
  • Let your receiver know the amount to expect and the Reference Number they’ll need when they pick up the money.

Skip the Line for Faster Service!

At many of our locations, we have installed Self-Serve Kiosks for your convenience. Simply walk-up to the kiosk and start your transaction using the touch screen. Then, go directly to the Green Express window where you will be able to finish your transaction. 

To Receive Money at a RiteCheck Store

  • The sender will let you know the amount of money you’ll receive and the Reference Number.
  • Use the Receive Form that you will find at a RiteCheck store and take it along with your ID to the teller.
  • The teller will enter your information into the system and verify the money is available for pick-up, and if it is available, give you the cash.

How to Check a MoneyGram Transfer

Using MoneyGram is an easy and convenient way for South Bronx residents to send money to a friend or relative who may not live in New York. And with plenty of available options to send money, this is something you can easily do online or in person. When you send money, chances are you want to be sure it’s received by your intended party. Use the info below to check a MoneyGram transfer.

Check Your MoneyGram

As the sender, you have options when it comes to checking on a MoneyGram. First, you can log in to your portal on the MoneyGram website to ensure it was sent. There, you can even receive a tracking number to help you locate the MoneyGram. If you prefer to talk to someone, opt to call MoneyGram directly and find out where your MoneyGram is.

Opt for Rite Check

Harlem and North Bronx residents rely on RiteCheck for your MoneyGram needs. Whether you’re looking to send or check a MoneyGram transfer, do so at your local RiteCheck location today. 

1 Where available. Complimentary 3-minute phone call from the US to the US, Mexico, Latin America, or the Caribbean.


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