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savings accounts at RiteCheck

Now RiteCheck customers can open a free savings account at any of our stores and start to build savings.  Our Cash & Stash accounts are easy to open, easy to access and can be started with an initial deposit of only $5.

If you didn’t think you could open or keep a savings account because it costs too much or you need to be able to get to your money quickly when you need it – think again!

  • You only need $5 to open an account.
  • You can make deposits and withdrawals any time at any RiteCheck store.
  • There are no credit checks and no turndowns.
  • Your money is federally insured through the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).
  • Brought to you by RiteCheck in cooperation with Bethex Federal Credit Union

It’s easy to get started: just bring your RiteCheck Rewards card to one of our locations, and we will print out a completed application for you. You only need to sign it and make your first deposit. Deposits can be made at any time, and can be for as little as $1. With your RiteCheck Rewards card you will be able to withdraw money at any time without penalty, and check your account information.

If you’re interested in opening a cash & stash savings account, download the application and bring it to any of our locations. Putting money away for a rainy day, present or vacation was never easier. It’s the RiteCheck way.


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